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Mahatma Gandhi was born on 2 October 1869, 150 years ago.

On this occasion, this great theorist and practitioner of non-violent resistance will be remembered.

This is necessary especially in a world in which almost every form of violence is an accepted and widespread means of conflict resolution,
both in the individual as well as in the social and international sphere.

And it is necessary in a world whose structures are changing and shifting massively.

The polarization and the growing conflicts of interest are the cause of conflicts,
which must be handled creatively so that they do not provoke new violence.

The series of events aims to recall Mahatma Gandhis life and ideas,
but also to draw a link to other non-violent movements and, last but not least,
to ask concretely what practical relevance Gandhi's approaches can still have today.

The event series is a cooperation of the Evangelisches Dekanat Darmstadt-Stadt and Deutsch-Indische Gesellschaft Darmstadt-Frankfurt e.V.

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Indian Dance Performance "Gandhi - The Way of Life"

Artists: Anuradha Patil und Tanzgruppe Ninaad Nritya

21.9.2019 14:00

Ev. Friedensgemeinde


Argumentation Training against Everyday Racism
(an external workshop in the context of the Gandhi event series)


 2.10.2019  19:00  Offenes Haus Darmstadt Gandhi Jayanti in Darmstadt
 14.10.2019  19:30  rex Kino Darmstadt Film "Gandhi" (OmdU), 1982
 17.10.2019 19:00 Offenes Haus Darmstadt

Opening Ceremony of Photo Exhibition "My Life is my Message -
The life and the work of Mahatma Gandhi"

The Exhibition is open from 17.10. - 12.11.2019.
Opening hours: Mo-Th 10-17, Fr 10-13

 21.10.2019  20:15  rex Kino Darmstadt Film "Viceroy's House" (OmdU), 2017
 24.10.2019  19:00

Offenes Haus Darmstadt


Truth, Resistance and selfless action.
Mahatma Gandhi's Ethics of Non-Violence.
(in German language)

Lecture with Clemens Jürgenmeyer, Freiburg

 28.10.2019  20:15  rex Kino Darmstadt Film "Once Again" (OmdU), 2018
 2.11.2019  10:00 Literaturhaus Darmstadt

700 years of Non-Violent Action Concepts.

Lecture with Dr.Martin Arnold, Essen

 2.11.2019  12:00  Literaturhaus Darmstadt

Gandhi's Art of Fighting - Satyagraha, Non-Violence and We.
A theoretical and practical introduction to non-violent
conflict resolution, privare and political.

(workshop in German language)

Workshop with Dr.Martin Arnold, Essen

 4.11.2019  20:15  rex Kino Darmstadt Film "Midnight Children" (OmdU), 2012
 6.1.2019  19:00  Offenes Haus Darmstadt

Gandhi's Swadeshi Movement and its Significance today.
(in German language)

Lecture with Dr. Jona Aravind Dohrmann and Dr. Kirsten Sames



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The series of events is also supported by the following Gandhian organisations in Mumbai (India):

- Mani Bhavan

- Bombay Sarvodaya Mandal -
  Gandhi Book Centre