Indian Film Week 2020

One full week Indian Cinema in the Rhein-Main area

from 11.03. till 18.03.2020

in the Communal Cinema KoKi in Weiterstadt
(Between Frankfurt and Darmstadt, near Autobahn A5 / Seegmüller)

 image Picture with friendly approval from BAP (Bollywood Art Project), Ranjit Dahiya, Mumbai


With the support of the Indian Consulate General Frankfurt and NetWalk, the Deutsch-Indische Gesellschaft Darmstadt-Frankfurt and the Kommunales Kino Weiterstadt invite you to our annual Indian Film Week.

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A whole week of great Indian cinema in the Rhein-Main area - Shaabaash!

We are selecting different films from the great film production of India, which reflect the life in India.

Latest status and changes you may find on the cinema's website:
KoKi Weiterstadt / India Week 2020

Entry fee: 6,00 € (discounted 5,00 €)


Cinema Contact and how to get there:

Kommunales Kino KoKi im Bürgerzentrum, Carl-Ulrich-Straße 9,
Weiterstadt/Hessen, Tel.: 06150-12185,

Free parking at Bürgerzentrum und Marktplatz.
Busses WE1 - W4 shuttle regularly between Darmstadt and Weiterstadt.
Via Deutsche Bahn you can reach Weiterstadt via train station "Weiterstadt Bahnhof" there is a regular train connection from Darmstadt Hbf and from Wiesbaden/Mainz Hbf via train RB75

Details see:
- The cinema on Google Maps for route planning (see "Kommunales Kino").
- Further info on public and private transport (check on "Anfahrt: Wie komme ich zum Kino?").


Program Schedule

(Changes are always possible)

The Indian Film Week begins on Wednesday 11 March 2020 at 19:30 with a opening ceremony in the foyer of the cinema followed by a film.

A timely reservation of tickets (especially for the opening ceremony) at KoKi (06150-12185) is recommended.


INDIA 2020-Flyer


Timetable INDIA 2020


Wednesday, 11.03.2020

19:30 Opening Ceremony of the Indian Film Week, with Indian snacks
         (Guests of honour from the Indian Consulate and the city of Weiterstadt are expected)

20:30 Peranbu (tamil with german ST)

Thursday, 12.03.2020

18:00 Women's Voice - India's Choice (diverse with partially german ST)

20:30 Chhapaak (hindi with german ST)

Friday, 13.03.2020

18:00  #Gadhvi (hindi with german ST)

20:30  Once Again - Eine Liebe in Mumbai (german)


Saturday, 14.03.2020

14:30 Children's Cinema: Dhanak -Rainbow (hindi with engl. ST and german live speakers)

18:00 Photograph (hindi with german ST)

20:30 Panga (hindi with engl. ST)


Sunday, 15.03.2020

15:00  Fahim (Das Wunder von Marseille) (german)

18:00  Didi Contractor (diverse with german ST)
         (Special Guest: Co-Producer/Editor Britta Kastern)

20:30  The Last Color (hindi with german ST)


Monday, 16.03.2020

18:00 Once Again (hindi with german ST)

20:30  Photograph (hindi with german ST)


Tuesday, 17.03.2020

18:00 Short Film Special: Shuruaat Ka Twist (hindi with englisch ST)

20:30 Fahim (Das Wunder von Marseille) (french with german ST)


Wednesday, 18.03.2020

19:00 Closing Film:Avane Srimannarayana (kannada with english ST)


Entry Fee 6,00 € (discounted 5,00 €) per screening

german = in germal language
OmU = Original with subtitles
ST = Subtitle


Information on the movies
(in alphabetical order)


Avane Srimannarayana

India 2019
Director: Ravi Sachin
175 min
FSK: not specified
Kannada with engl. ST

In pursuit of solving a long-held mystery of Amaravati, Narayana - the quirky new cop in the town - has to get past a dreaded clan of dacoits and its fierce leader Jairam.

Trailer (Youtube):                                                    



India 2019
Director: Meghna Gulzar
120 min
FSK: from 12 years
Hindi with english ST

Looking at acid violence through the lens of survivor Laxmi Agarwal, Chhapaak tells the story of a girl (Malti) coming from an unprivileged but humble background. When Malti refuses the advances made by a man twice her age, she is attacked with acid on a street in New Delhi. With her face irreparably burnt, Malti undergoes medico-social rehabilitation, a prolonged string of facial surgeries, a legal battle against her attacker and a constant struggle to become economically independent. During this time, Malti also joins a campaign against Acid violence and comes across other victims. She forms an inexplicable bond with Amol, the founder of the campaign but it is Malti`s game-changing PIL in the Supreme Court of India, with her lawyer Archana Bajaj, that inspires the Judiciary to amend the laws on acid violence. A story of the triumph of the unquashable human spirit.

Trailer (Youtube):                                                    


Didi Contractor – Marrying the Earth to the Building

CH/D 2017
Director: Steffi Giaracuni
81 min
FSK: not specified
English,german,hindi with german ST

At the foot of the Himalayas, in northwest India, Didi Contractor realized for twenty years with passion her architectural visions, which are not always match with the expectations of her clients. Her houses combine traditional and modern architecture. She resembles installations, sculptures, works of art made of clay, bamboo, slate and river stone - built in recognition of their natural environment. Day and night the 86-years old, she dreams the design, and creates the dream. She sketches only roughly, but proportioned the point exactly - plans for economic and ecologically sustainable, bright and well ventilated building. People who live in Didi Contractors realized life visions, describe their experiences with their houses. Students from all over the world come to the construction site to observe traditional techniques and to find out how architecture can become part of our ecosystem.

Trailer (Youtube):                                                    


Dhanak - Rainbow

India 2015
Director: Nagesh Kukunoor
103 min
Recommended age from 8 years
hindi with german ST, with German live speakers

Chotu is eight years old and blind from birth. But with the help of his sister Pari, the bright boy has managed to get through life very well so far. The two siblings are inseparable and help each other wherever they can. But when Pari promises her brother that he will be able to see until the age of nine, the two have to embark on a magical journey ...

This remarkable movie got the first prize in the children's film competition at Berlinale 2015.

Trailer (Youtube):                                                    


Fahim (Das Wunder von Marseille)

F 2019
Director: Pierre-François Martin-Laval
107 min
FSK: from 12 years
German, or French with german ST

The young Fahim and his father Nura are forced to flee from their homeland Bangladesh, leaving the rest of their family behind. They go to Paris. Shortly after their arrival in the French capital, a real obstacle course begins for the two of them. Until they receive political asylum, they can be expelled by the government at any time. Thanks to his talent for chess, Fahim meets Sylvain (Gérard Depardieu), one of the best chess coaches in France. Although the two wavered between distrust and curiosity for each other, they soon got to know each other better and became friends. Nura, on the other hand, is not doing so well, he slips into illegality and has to go into hiding. At the beginning of the French chess championship Fahim's father is threatened with expulsion and Fahim has only one chance to save him from this: He must win the tournament and become champion. The film is based on "Game of Your life, Fahim!" by the authors Fahim Mohammad and Xavier Parmentier.

Trailer (Youtube):                                                    



India 2019
Director: Gaurav Bakshi
110 min
FSK: unknown
hindi with german ST

#Gadhvi is a satirical comedy that follows the battle of beliefs between the gun-for-hire Omkar and the pacifist Gadhvi, who has become the face of the anti-corruption movement. But Gadhvi is no ordinary Gandhian, he believes he is the reincarnation of THE Mahatma Gandhi himself. And only by shattering this apparent delusion can Omkar succeed in his mission of suppressing the swelling anger against his masters, the establishment. #Gadhvi is a subtle take on who you are, who you are destined to be and what you are capable of doing in this age of social media where Gadhvi is suddenly trending!

Trailer (Youtube):                                                    


Once Again - Eine Liebe in Mumbai

India / D / A 2018
Director: Kanwal Sethi
98 min
FSK: from 0 years
German, or hindi with german ST)

Tara, the widowed mother of two grown-up kids, runs a little restaurant. The famous movie star Amar is one of her clients, to whom her daily meals are delivered. Tara has seen him at the big screen only - personally they havn't met yet. A random phone call becomes a ritual between the two. They spend hours on the phone, without having the courage to meet each other. Both are aware of the impossibility of a real relationship and are afraid of what they may losing, to extend the protection walls that have been built up. Living like this they are in their respective safe spheres. Until Amar opens up to meet Tara one day ... What follows is the poetic journey of two lonely hearts through the 15 million-soul city of Mumbai.

Trailer (Youtube):                                                    



India 2020
Director: Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari
131 min
FSK: no indication
hindi with engl. ST

Rooted in the subculture of societal facts Panga is an emotional roller coaster tale of a middle-class Indian woman. A forgotten kabaddi world champion who catalyzes an inner desire to give a new meaning to her existing role as a wife and mother, takes an ingenious decision to come back to the sport despite the challenge of age stereotypes and a new generation of complexities which creates an upheaval in her life as she is torn between family responsibility and her love for the sport.

Trailer (Youtube):                                                    



India 2018
Director: Ram/Amudhavan Karuppiah
147 min
FSK: no indication
tamil with german ST

It is the story of a father Amudhavan and his daughter Paapa. Unable to cope woth the child born spastic, Anudhavan goes to Dubai in the pretext of work. He is enforced to return to take care of his daughter Paapu when his wife elopes after 12 years of stress and pent-up lust. Paapa slowly accepts Amudhavan as her father. When she attains puberty, Amudhavan transcends the limits of his gender and addresses her biological needs. But cruelly he loses himself and his assets to an affair with a maid. When 13 year old Paapa explores her sexuality just like he did, Amudhavan couldn't bear it. Life gives them the slip but hope comes in the form of a transgender who help them resurrect to a new life. We see how both deal with life together and learn to accept each other. Not many films or filmmakers have the theme treated sexuality as sensitively as Ram and he treat it with respect. The film speaks boldly about the sexuality of a young girl and lets recognize that it is not wrong and quite natural is to talk about it.

Trailer (Youtube):                                                    



India/D/USA 2019
Director: Ritesh Batra
110 min
FSK: from 0 years
German, or hindi with german ST

The poor street photographer Rafi is always to be found at Mumbai's most famous landmark, the "Gateway to India". There he takes pictures of unsuspecting tourists, shy newly-in-love couples and happy families. With his few savings he supports his grandmother, who constantly urges him to finally find a wife to marry. One day she threatens to stop taking her medication if he continues to be alone. In response, Rafi sends her the photo of a young woman that he has found on the memory card of his camera. It doesn't take long and his grandmother lets him know that she's looking forward to meet his girlfriend soon. This leaves the photographer less time to find the unknown woman. Miloni is an excellent student and lives the completely opposite life of Rafi, as she lives not in working class Mumbai, but in the emerging middle class of the city. She too is to marry soon, but Miloni is not very skilled at it. When the paths of the two outsiders crosses, a love story develops, how it should not be happening ...

Trailer (Youtube):                                                    


Shuruaat Ka Twist

India 2019
FSK: no indication
hindi with german UT

Short film is called "Shuruaat" in Hindi. The Short Film Anthology shows six short films by young Indian directors, supervised by experienced Indian filmmakers, on the subject of "Twist", with their very own interpretations. The six short films are: Tap Tap, Khauff, Adi Sonal, Bhaskar Calling, Gutthi, Guddu.

A novum for our Indian Film Week, presenting new talents, which we hope you appreciate as we do!

Tap Tap
Director: Praveen Fernandes    
A "has-been" music composer gets a chance to revive his glory days when a producer agrees to listen to his latest song. However, having bluffed earlier he now struggles to coming up with a composition. Added to that a strange tapping sound from the upstairs apartment keeps disturbing him. This rhythmic "tap tap" inspires him to create a tune which becomes an instant hit. To his horror though he discovers that the tapping sound was actually Morse code for SOS and the upstairs flat is now completely empty.

Mentor:  Raj Kumar Gupta    
Director: Hanish Kalia    
Anil, a corporate employee is suffering from death anxiety. After few failed attempts with numerous psychologists Anil lands up to a highly recommended Psychologist who also treats him in most conventional way. He tries to convince Anil that the fear is in his mind. Anil tries to convince him that is real finally going to the extreme lengths of inflicting the same trauma and fear on the psychologist causing his death and hence being vindicated that his fear or dying was real.

Adi Sonal
Mentor:  Vikramaditya Motwane    
Director: Heena Dsouza    
Adi Sonal is a contemporary view at the Sindhi folklore “Adi Sonal”. Amma (Neena Gupta) is the carrier of tradition in family. Her marriage is a one-way road, as she never gets or even gets to expect any material benefit from it. She is a part of and a victim of a silent hierarchy in the household. However, when her husband dies, she finds herself having an epiphany which is not only emancipating for her but also makes her break the traditional mould of her household by letting her daughter-in-law run away from her claustrophobic marriage.

Bhaskar Calling    
Mentor:  Rajkumar Hirani
Director: Sanjiv Kishinchandani    
A comic tale of a tele marketer who encounters an old Parsi Bawa living alone. What unfolds is day that would scar any salesperson forever. The Parsi Bawa exploits the salesman to do every minute task of the house in return for buying his policy. The twist though - this was a ruse by the Parsi Bawa to waste the telemarketers time as revenge for all the time he has to waste in answering calls from the tele marketers.

Mentor:  Amit V. Masurkar
Director: Avalokita    
Two film students who are inseparable friends. They set up house in Mumbai to make it in the film industry. Adopt a cat who they are parents to. However, after 5 years of living with each they realize their friendship has run its course. A buddy film which explores the close bond of female friendship but also then breaks that bond in the end.

Director: Gaurav Mehra    
A bride who runs away on her wedding day against the wishes of her father…against the norms of society…to meet with her soul mate … another woman.

Trailer (Youtube):                                                    


The Last Color

India/USA 2019
Director: Vikas Khanna
90 min
FSK: no indication
hindi with german ST

Nine-year-old fearless tightrope walker and flower seller, Chhoti, savors her dream to save Rs. 300 (4 Euro), so she can attend school. The Last Color traces Chhoti and her best friend Chintu’s daily struggles for survival on the streets of the ancient city of Banaras, India. Chhoti befriends Noor, a white-clad widow who suffers a life of total abstinence and is disallowed from taking part in any festivities, especially Holi, the Indian festival of colors. Over time, Choti and Noor's friendship and uplifting spiritual bond breaks through the barriers of the caste system. Noor encourages the brave little girl to face life by "flying high" with courage, education, and dignity. She shares her fondest, but closely kept childhood memories of playing with colors. Chhoti promises Noor that, this Holi, she will finally splash Noor with her favorite pink color. But on Holi's eve, Noor passes away, and during a sweep, Chhoti is imprisoned by the corrupt police, led by the violent and bullying Raja. Will Chhoti be able to keep her promise? Twenty-four years later, Chhoti becomes an advocate and fights for the societal reforms that will bring about the rehabilitation of both street children and widows. The Last Color is a story of promises kept and promises broken, a friendship that knows no bounds, and the freedom and victory of the human spirit.

Trailer (Youtube):                                                    


Women´s Voice - India´s Choice

India/D 2019
Director: Shammi Singh
70 min
FSK: unaudited

India, it is said, lives in different ages at the same time - the same is true of Indian women. This documentary tells of the daily struggle, the challenges, thoughts, hopes and dreams of Indian women. The enormous contrast between tradition and modernity, religion and digitalization, country and city, men and women, makes India what it is today: a country that is developing at breathtaking speed, but also has an enormous cultural superstructure that influences everyone's life. While in the western world a rather pessimistic view of the situation of women in India prevails, the director tries to draw a differentiated picture. In more than 15 interviews he lets the women of the subcontinent have their say: What is it like to be a woman in India today? How is life compared to that of their mothers and grandmothers? Is there such a thing as "the one India"? In conversation with various NGOs, the viewer learns how the Organisations try to help women in need.

Trailer (Youtube):